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How Naidu spent crores of rupees from public exchequer for staying at star hotels

Whereas former CM YS Jagan stayed in his own house and used the party office as the CM's camp office, saving crores in rent for state's exchequer

A political brouhaha has erupted over the ‘furniture’ at the CM Camp Office used by the previous YSRCP government. The charge is that the YSRCP is using the ‘furniture’ meant for the Chief Minister. The TDP leaders have said that since the YSRCP lost elections therefore the party should surrender the government-owned furniture to the current dispensation. 

YSRCP MLC Lella Appi Reddy has clarified that after the change of guard in the state, the party leadership had shared a list of items in the camp office with the concerned authorities. He also said the new government has also been informed that the party is willing to pay the amount for the furniture bought for the CM Camp Office. The furniture is valued at Rs 1 crore. 

However, the TDP is determined to tarnish the image of the YSRCP and its chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The ruling party and its friendly media is misleading the people with misinformation

In 2017, YSRCP chief YS Jagan had built two buildings at Tadepalli. He was using one building as a residence and the other was being used as the headquarters of his party. After taking charge as a chief minister, he converted the second building into the chief minister's camp office and the party office was shifted to a rented building. Following the 2024 election results, the camp office is once again being used as a party office.

The ruling party leaders are accusing the YSRCP chief of lavish expenditure for personal comfort. Those who are levelling these charges have overlooked the fact that YS Jagan utilised his party’s office as camp office and yet did not charge a single rupee in the name of rent. Instead of making baseless statements, the TDP leaders should reach out to the General Administration Department (GAD) and demand the officials to respond to the YSRCP’s letter sent to them over two weeks ago. 

When we look back in the past we find Chandrababu Naidu stayed with his family in a three-bedroom service apartment in the five-star property of Park Hyatt when his Jubilee Hills house was under renovation. As per reports, three-bedroom service apartment would cost a whopping Rs 6.75 lakh a month and the hotel sources said service apartments can be booked only if the minimum stay is for a month. YS Jagan did not splurge the public money like him on personal use. 

YSRCP leaders have strongly contested the TDP’s claim that the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government constructed the buildings at Rushikonda for ‘personal’ use. Former Minister Gudivada Amarnath said that these buildings are government assets and the current government can use it as a guest house during the visits of the President, the Prime Minister, Chief Minister or other VVIPs.

It is customary for the officials to seize the furniture and other government-owned items after the change of guard. This did not happen after the declaration of election results on June 4. The YSRCP is being blamed unnecessarily instead of following the protocol. YS Jagan could have charged the state exchequer for using his personal assets for government work but as a true gentleman and leader he did not do so. Yet, he is being criticised and efforts are being made to tarnish his image. The TDP should know that the people are watching them.

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