BBK8: These Contestants Are Lagging Behind In Their Game: Deets Inside 

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The ongoing season has not been as successful as the previous seasons. For the first time in Bigg Boss Kannada, the audience did not get a chance to watch Kichcha Sudeep during the weekend episodes. This happened not just once but twice. But wait, don't jump the gub. We are not blaming the Bigg Boss Kannada host for this. In fact, we all agree that Sudeep is recuperating after his illness. BBK viewers say even contestants in the house are not giving their best these days compared to the first three weeks.

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Here is some analysis of few contestants who are lagging back in their game for the past few weeks. Manju has lost his comedy sense and he has to focus on his task rather than Divya S, whereas Divya S should also play her own game. Shamanth has lost his thinking capacity and is being controlled by Prashanth S. On the other hand, Prashanth is making fun of himself by holding protests for every issue. But by his strikes, we can see the other side of the fellow contestants. 

Priyanka T is allowing Chakravarthy to influence her and is always considering his opinion in her game. Chakravarthy is always seen manipulating other housemates instead of focusing on his individual game. Viewers are hoping that these contestants will soon realise and play their game.

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