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The beautiful and talented Priyamani Raj, who is known for winning hearts in the South-Indian film industry and now on the digital front, has been receiving praises for her latest stint with ALTBalaji's latest urban relationship drama, HIS STORYY. The 11 episodic unconventional story is of Sakshi, Kunal & Preet has surely won hearts. In a personal conversation, Priyamani, who plays a wife to a gay husband in the closet, speaks at length about the show and her experience on His Storyy.

  •  Tell us about the show?

The show's plot revolves around a married couple – Sakshi and Kunal, who love and care for each other. Due to the circumstances, the husband is still closeted and is hiding his sexuality. The two own a restaurant together and have two beautiful boys Shivaay and Shlok. The marriage encounters trouble when Preet, a food critic, walks into their lives. Preet and Kunal are secretly in love, leaving me, as in Sakshi, hurt and lost. Sakshi initially is angry at herself, and then her anger is directed towards her husband and Preet.

    ●   Tell us about your character.

I play the role of Sakshi, Kunal's wife and mother of two lovely boys. Sakshi is left bewildered when her husband finally comes out of the closet. At first, she is significantly hurt and angry, which is only natural considering the life that she has lived till now feels like a lie. Eventually, their friendship stands the test of time, and she supports her best friend and husband when he needs it.

  • What all preparations did you do for your character?

Preparing oneself mentally is one of the most important things one has to do leading up to the shoot and the launch of a series. There is always the physical fitness aspect, where I knew I had to exercise and take care of my diet. There is also a lot of homework and research that goes into any character played. And for Sakshi, I had to be responsible and subtle.

  • How excited are you about the launch?

To be a part of such an unconventional Show itself is like a rollercoaster ride, right from start to finish. There were always moments of bliss during the shoot that I lived for. I am loving every moment of the process leading up to the launch. We all have put in our best efforts, and I cannot help but be eager and excited to see audience feedback. I hope the audience takes away the right message from the show.

  •  Do you feel OTT platforms are the future of the entertainment industry?

There is no denial that OTT platforms are the future of the entertainment industry. They cater to various genres, stories, etc. The way things are going, it might be possible that people will only prefer OTT as they are easily accessible at any place. With their diverse content and growing audience, digital platforms are anticipated to be the new normal for everyone.

  • How was your experience working with your co-stars?

Right from Mrinal, Satyadeep to all the actors, it was lovely working with them. I had a different equation off camera with them. All of them are amazing, beautiful, truly talented, and they will have bright futures and are yet to reach their max potential and will shine.

  • What are your expectations from the show?

As an actor, I can't comment on how the show is going to be received. It is not in our hands. The only thing that is in my hand is my performance, which I have given my one hundred percent. I want the show to be loved by the audience and stay with the audience. We have provided our hundred percent, and that is all that we could've done.

  • What is that one message you would like to share with your viewers and fans?

Letting your happiness depend on someone else is the biggest mistake one can make. If you truly love someone, the support you have for them never waivers. The only way to be happy is to be yourself is the major takeaway from this series. Another thing to learn is that you can't change a person you have to make peace with it and alter yourself and your thinking, else there is no way to be happy.

  •  How was the shoot post covid norms? What precautions did you take while shooting?

I was excited to face the camera after a brief hiatus. It felt like a homecoming of sorts. While makers ensured that all the guidelines are followed on sets, actors were also extra cautious. There were limited people on sets, and we wore masks. At every point in and around the sets, there were sanitizer bottles and sprays. It was quite a different experience, but I got used to it. It has become a new normal for everyone. It was challenging to shoot during such restrictions, however keeping in mind the guidelines, I made sure to carry my sanitizers, mask, gloves, etc. It was not only to ensure my safety but also to ensure the safety of my fellow cast and crew members.


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