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Actress Nayanthara is back to the silver screen with God after her recently released blockbuster Jawan. GOD features Jayam Ravi in the lead role. If you are planning to watch the movie, let's find out the review before you reserve your tickets.

Plot: Arjun (Jayam Ravi) is a strict assistant commissioner of police, who doesn't mind punishing criminals at the earliest. Arjun sees his colleague Andrew as his bestie. The former considers him as his own family member. Brahma (Rahul Bose), a psycho killer, kidnaps girls randomly, kills them in brutal ways. 

Arjun's team enters the scene to catch the killer. In the process, Arjun loses his best friend Andrew to an occupational hazard. Arjun, out of trauma, quits his job to kill Brahma through extra-legal means. What happens in the city after the villain escapes from the jail? How Arjun avenges his friend's killing is what the plot is all about. 


Jayam Ravi aced in his role with a fierce look. His natural acting is the best since Thani Oruvan. Nayanthara has minimal space. Her character doesn't add any weight to the film. People won't even miss her presence. It is Jayam Ravi's one-man show. The rest of the cast did their parts neatly in the film. Vinoth Kisan and Rahul Bose are good in their respective roles. They received accolades from the Tamil audience as well. 

Plus Points:

Jayam Ravi
Interval scene
Suspenseful moments


First half


Psychological thrillers need to show maturity and intelligence to be psychological and dreadful in nature. However, this film falters in this area to an extent. 

Yet, the film is surely watchable for its knack for keeping the audience engaged. There are no boring scenes that drag on. That's a plus. The friendship emotion is an area we would surely like to explore. The rom-com track should have been better. 

The Tamil version is titled 'Iraivan'. And the Tamil word literally means 'God'. So, it is fitting that the Telugu version has been named 'God'. In a week with no major releases, God can be your ideal choice. 

Verdict: GOD entertains you most in the second half. It is a one-time watch.

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