Actor Boman Irani Turns Up As Panda In Fixderma’s Latest Campaign; Evoking Consumers To Rise Above Self-Doubt For Healthy Skin

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The actor is seen explaining the need to take care of the dark patches of your skin with Nigrifix cream instead of being ashamed of it. #ByeByeDarkPatches 

Pandas are cute, aren’t they? But not if one starts to look like them. To empower and embrace a more inclusive vision of beauty that celebrates healthy skin, FixDerma, a cosmeceutic brand providing skincare solutions powered by science and recommended by the best dermatologists of India has roped in veteran actor Boman Irani for its latest campaign #ByeByeDarkPatches. With this, Fixderma intends to emphasize that dark patches of skin shouldn’t be considered as a symbol of embarrassment, rather one should opt for ways to cure the skin.

Challenging cultural stereotypes of hiding their real skin, the two episodic video series features actor Boman Irani as Panda bringing the solution to dark patches, thereby, introducing Fixderma’s latest launch ‘Nigrifix Cream’, first of its kind formulation to repair the patchy skin. The film showcases a teenage girl and a married couple who have dark knees, spots on the neck, and joints concerned for their skin appearance. And suddenly Boman appears on screen wearing a Panda costume highlighting how these black patches appeal good on pandas and not on humans. Further, the campaign aims to normalize the discomfiture of darkening and thickening of the skin at certain body parts like knuckles, knees, elbows, neck, nape, underarms, groin areas, and even back, medically known as Acanthosis Nigricans.

Shaily Mehrotra, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Fixderma said, “Acanthosis Nigricans is a very common skin problem and difficult to treat if it gets older. Most of the time the condition is misunderstood as dirt or as not following good hygiene due to lack of awareness and remedies are taken accordingly. With the launch of our campaign #ByeByeDarkPatches, we want to introduce consumers to ‘Nigrifix Cream’ uniquely formulated to treat hyperpigmentation associated with symptoms of Acanthosis Nigricans. We wanted to weave a narrative that finds its way to the core message through a relatable analogy wrapped in humour and couldn’t think of anyone better than Boman Irani for the role. Our intent is to trigger meaningful conversations around healthy skin and how it makes you feel better as an individual too.”

Sharing comments on the films, Boman Irani said, “I always believe in healthy skin across race and gender. I am really delighted to associate with Fixderma in spreading awareness of the dark patches of skin also medically known as Acanthosis Nigerian. And lead them to Nigrifix which is the ideal and dermatologist approved solution. And to add to my excitement, I am the cute Panda!”

The latest product launch by the brand promises improved skin condition within a week’s time by applying twice a day. The campaign will be promoted across the brand’s social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

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