Vote For BJP To Transform Hyderabad Into Bhagyanagar: Yogi

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Hyderabad: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has urged voters in Telangana to elect the BJP to power in the coming assembly elections in state if they want to see Hyderabad transform into 'Bhagyanagar'.

Addressing an election rally in Goshamahal constituency here in support of BJP candidate T Raja Singh Lodh, Adityanath said he has specially come to campaign for him as he (Singh) was working towards renaming Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar.

BJP through the foundation of good governance and development has taken the responsibility of building India on the 'Ram Rajya' model and in that mission Telangana should also play a role, he said.

"If Hyderabad has to be transformed into 'Bhagyanagar' then I call upon you to support BJP to form government (in Telangana)", Adtiyanatha, whose government last month approved the renaming of Faizabad as Ayodhya and Allahabad as Prayagraj, told the public meeting late Sunday evening.

Raja Singh had on several occasions earlier said BJP would aim to rename Hyderabad and other cities in the state after the names of great people if it was elected to power.

Adiyanath further slammed Congress and TRS for not celebrating Telangana Liberation Day saying "they are scared that Muslims vote bank would go away" and said BJP is committed to celebrate Telangana Liberation Day after coming to power.

He alleged that during Congress rule Pakistan-sponsored terrorists were fed biryani and now under BJP government each terrorist is dealt with firmly.

The charged both Congress and TRS with indulging in Muslim appeasement by drafting schemes for the community and claimed their election manifestos reflect such programmes.

He further said: "former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, had also said that first right on nations resources is of minorities.

The chief minister said BJP was taking up developmental works and bringing out welfare schemes without discriminating any caste, creed and religion and sought to know why Congress, TRS and TDP did not implement such schemes. (PTI)

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