Udaariyaan Written Update December 2: Fathe Takes Revenge On Jasmine

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Fathe burns Jasmine's passport a few minutes before entering the flight area. Jasmine is stunned by Fathe's action. Jasmine lashes out at Fathe and asks him why he burned the passport. Meanwhile, Fathe gets arrested by police while Jasmine stops and questions him. Fathe reveals his half surprise and tells that he actually married Jasmine. Father tells Jasmine that he got to know her real face after Jass revealed the truth for troubling Tejo. Jasmine outbursts and tells Jass is lying but Fathe tells he saw the proofs that she gave Jass her gold and Gurpreet Diamond necklace. And question her why did she get Jass bail when she knows Tejo have life treated with him. Jasmine tries to explain but Fathe denies to listen her words.

Later Fathe tells that everything was fake including their marriage. Jasmine is shocked after knowing the truth. Fathe takes revenge on Jasmine for everything she did. On the other hand, Tejo goes with Angad to meet his daughter.

In yesterday's episode, Jasmine and Fathe head to the airport and Tejo breaks down. On the other hand, Tejo decides to tell the truth to the family that her engagement with Angad is fake but unable to do so because of the fear of making Khushbeer and Gurpreet sad. Later, Tejo reveals the truth to Rupi saying that for Jasmine and Fathe's happiness she had a fake engagement with Angad. Rupi is shocked by Tejo's truth and lashes out at her as to why is she ruining her life for Jasmine. Tejo requests Rupi to not tell Khushbeer about it where she leaves with Angad to divert herself. Meanwhile, Fathe stops Jasmine while entering the flight and asks for her passport. He takes the passport and goes to the runway and burns it. Jasmine gets shocked by Fathe's act and lashes out at him. 

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