Bigg Boss 15: Fans Upset As Rashami Desai And Umar Riaz Fight

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Even before entering Bigg Boss 15 house, Rashami Desai has been supporting Umar Riaz. The way he plays the game is what she likes the most. Fans were very happy when she entered the house as these two will finally be seen together, but there have been some ups and downs in their friendship.

Rashami and Umar had some disagreements in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Later she was seen having a heartfelt conversation with Rajiv Adatia. The actress sat with Rajiv and expressed her dissatisfaction with Umar's lack of communication with her. Rajiv encouraged her to approach him and speak with him about it. He also mentioned that Umar is fond of her. Rashami, on the other hand, did not think he was speaking the truth.

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She also told Rajiv that she had heard Umar had someone in his life, but Rajiv assured her that the two had broken up long back. Rashami added that maybe he is still with someone and that is why keeping his distance from her.  

Umar appeared at that very moment, and Rajiv approached him and asked about the situation directly. "I don't talk to people who are neutral," Umar said when he was asked why he wasn't talking to Rashami. She ended up arguing with Umar over this. 

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