Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik And Jasmin Bhasin Fans Fight On Twitter

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It is known that the relationship between Bigg Boss 14 winner Rubina Dilaik and Jasmin Bhasin have not been good. The ladies fought during the show and it was evident that they didn’t like each other. Following the fight between the ladies, the fans got involved as well.

Where it Started?

A video went viral on social media in which Rubina’s friends were seen dancing at a Post-Grand Finale party at Rubina’s house. The video was fine but what caught everyone’s attention was Rubina’s voice in the background.

In the video you can hear Rubina take Jasmin’s name. Arshi Khan, Rubina and others were heard making fun of Jasmin and Rubina said, “Jasmin ke ghar kaun jayega.” (Who will go to Jasmin’s house?) It was a dig at Jasmin saying like nobody wants to go to meet her.


Fans of Jasmin Bhasin got angry over the video and called out Rubina. They said that Rubina was obsessed with Jasmin and even after BB14 had ended, she can’t stop talking about her.

To extend their love and support towards Jasmin, her fanbase took to twitter to trend a phrase in her favour. “Jasmin Ke Ghar Hum Jaenge” started trending on Twitter as fans were giving an answer to Rubina’s question.

One user wrote on Twitter that, “Rubina and gang are so jealous that instead of enjoying the party, they are busy bitch**g. LOL. They can’t get our queen Jasmin out of their mouth.”


Rubina fans replied with a counter phrase and said that all Jasmin’s fanbase is doing, is creating false narratives. They are free in life and do not know what to do. “Stop Being Jealous Of Rubina” started trending on Twitter.

One fan said that Jasmin’s fanbase was busy spreading false narratives. The post read that, “But there is a possibility that she ask everyone who all r going for meeting jasmine? Don’t judge people on these scenarios. We can’t predict the tone.”

Another fan replied by saying that Jasmin and Aly Goni fans are only interested in what Rubina and Abhinav Shukla are doing.

As the fight between these two fanbases continues, the phrases also are now trending on higher spots in Twitter Trending List. 

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