BB15: Simba Nagpal Pays Heavy Price For Getting Aggressive With Umar Riaz

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On Saturday's Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar, viewers were upset with Salman Khan for not scolding Simba Nagpal for the way he pushed Umar Riaz into the pool. But then Salman addressed the incident on Sunday and reprimanded Simba.

Salman discussed the violent incident that occurred between Simba and Umar during the episode. During a task, Simba and Umar got into a verbal brawl that quickly escalated. Their verbal spat escalated, and an enraged Simba pushed Umar into the pool with full force, as well as throwing a basket at him. 

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This resulted in punishment for Simba although it was not too severe. Salman informed Simba that what he had done to Umar was unacceptable. As a result, he would be unable to participate in the Race to Finale tasks this week.

It is going to be difficult for Simba as at this stage of the competition, it is better for him to participate in such tasks but now he is not eligible this week.

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