BB15: Umar Riaz Fans Bash Geeta Kapur For Her Remarks on His Profession

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Divya Agarwal, Rahul Mahajan, Kashmeera Shah, Geeta Kapur, Vishal Singh, and others, appeared on the Weekend Ka Vaar episode of the controversial show Bigg Boss 15. These celebrities were seen cheering on their favorite contenders and asking questions to others. We also saw choreographer Geeta Kapur asking Umar Riaz about his aggressive behavior.

“Umar aap aapa kho dete hai. Aapko samajh mein nahi aata ke aap kya kar rahe hai. Aggression is his inherited nature. I will never want to be treated with someone with aggression like yours,” she remarks. Geeta says that she would never want to go to a doctor like him who gets easily angry.

Even Salman adds to this by saying that Umar in aggression often charges at people and pushes them. His fate was decided on the Weekend ka Vaar episode where Host Salman Khan announced Umar’s eviction leaving everyone else in shock.

Fans were disappointed with Umar’s eviction but what irked them, even more, were the comments passed by Geeta. Viewers believed that there was no reason for her to go on his profession and make him feel that way. She is a choreographer and respects dance a lot, if someone commented on her profession like that, it would’ve hurt her immensely. The audience said that Geeta sure doesn’t even watch the show and is only reading out the script blindly.

Many took to social media to express their disappointment with what was said on Bigg Boss and said the makers should apologize to Umar Riaz.

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