Prabhas Surprises Kalki 2898 AD Crew with Gifts

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Kalki actor Prabhas's humanity comes to light once again. Darling Prabhas is an Indian actor known for his nature, but he doesn't miss a chance to show humanity. In the film industry, where actors often work and move on, Prabhas stands out. Kalki's movie costume revealed the truth about the actor while he was working with him. 

Kalki came into theatres on June 27th, and the talk of the show is still going on with the hit talk. The movie is ready to reach its 1000 crores box office collection. Still, the movie has gained popularity because of Prabhas. Reports indicate that Prabhas generously donated Rs. 10,000 to each crew member, totalling thousands of people.

In a recent YouTube interview, one of Kalki's costume crew members discussed Kalki 2898 and the actors. He disclosed how Prabhas transferred Rs. 10,000 to each crew member's bank account, a gesture that left a lasting impression. He further added that he had never seen an actor like Prabhas. The actor even fed the cast and crew throughout the shooting, with the crew praising Prabhas. 

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