Salman Khan Behind Akshara Singh's Bigg Boss OTT Entry?

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In the latest news from Bigg Boss OTT, it has now been said that Akshara Singh was approached for the show after Salman Khan recommended her name. The makers contacted her and approached her for the show for four years but now finally she agreed to BB OTT.

Bigg Boss OTT has been doing fairly well on Voot. The show has not managed to grab the audience's attention much and the makers keep coming up with new twists every time to make it more engaging. The contestants this season are way too much into fighting and disagreements.

Everyone entered the house with a connection, a partner which is the rule for this season. The initial entry into BB OTT was Akshara Singh and Pratik Sehajpal, Neha Bhasin, and Millind Gaba. But now it has swapped as Pratik chose Neha during a Switch task. Things have not been going too well for Akshara in the house. She is getting support from the fans and many Bigg Boss viewers but her remarks on Shamita Shetty did not get her any support from the audience.

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Akshara kept making fun of Shamita’s age and said that she is of her mother’s age, yet she doesn’t know how to act. Many avid viewers of the show did not like her statement and said that fighting over certain issues is a different thing but constantly bringing up someone’s age to shame them is not right.

Fans are now contemplating if Akshara Singh was a good choice for Bigg Boss. If Salman Khan made the right decision by recommending her name or not? The way she plays her game in the coming episodes will decide this. But if she gets eliminated from the show during tonight’s Sunday ka Vaar episode, then BB fans will have given their decision.

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