What's The Actual Price of PM Modi's Mercedes Maybach 650

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A highly fortified Mercedes Maybach car has been added to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's security detail. Previously, the PM traveled in a secure Range Rover Vogue and a Toyota Land Cruiser. There has been a lot of buzz regarding the price of the vehicle.

The Mercedes-Maybach S 650 Guard is said to cost around ₹ 12 crore, but the actual price is less than that. It is believed to be the top of the line among bullet- and blast-proof armored vehicles. The car was recently bought as part of the PM's cavalcade, according to sources, and the PM was last seen traveling around in it during Russian President Vladimir Putin's two-day visit to New Delhi, which began on December 6.

Speaking about the new car, an official source added that, the Prime Minister’s security is a matter of importance and regular review. Vehicles are a big part of it.

The price of the car has been a topic of discussion on social media with many making speculations about it. But the cost is different from what has been said and reported in the media. The latest news suggests that the cost is not as much as it was reported, but less than that. But the maintenance will still cost big. 

According to insiders, the new cars are not an upgrade, but rather a routine replacement. The security detail of the Special Protection Group replaces cars used by those they are charged to protect every six years. PM Modi had been riding the previous vehicles for eight years. According to insiders, a security audit discovered this and expressed concerns that it would compromise security.

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