Rohini Court Firing Leaves 3 Dead

 - Sakshi Post

Two gunmen opened fire in a district court in Delhi on Friday. In this, at least three people were killed and one injured. The incident happened to target Jitender Gogi, who is regarded as Delhi's most wanted criminal.

Officials claimed the two gunmen entered the court dressed as lawyers searching for Gogi, who was detained by Delhi Police in March 2020 on accusations of attempted murder, extortion, illegal arms possession, carjacking, and land grabbing.

Gogi was among those killed in the court, according to local media, and reported that he received four gunshot wounds and shifted to a nearby hospital, where he was announced dead.

According to authorities, the two shooters were already inside the court when Gogi was brought in for his judicial hearing. Just minutes later, the two took out handguns and started the fire, according to a senior police officer.

Armed officers from Delhi's Counter Intelligence unit arrived on the scene and opened backfire and killed two attackers. Officials identified them as members of a competing local gang, but their names were not revealed. The identity of the fourth person who got shot and injured has yet to be revealed.

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