Navratri Rush at Mumbai Airport: Chaotic Scenes, Travellers Throw Luggage After Missing Flights

Mumbai airport sees heavy rush as people head home for Navratri festival - Sakshi Post

MUMBAI: Mumbai International Airport on Friday morning witnessed chaotic scenes and was thrown into state of disarray as many passengers thronged the airport to leave for their hometowns for the Navratri festival.  The massive crowd led to the airport looking similar to that of an overcrowded railway station with COVID protocols thrown to the wind.

As per reports and tweets shared by netizens many passengers had missed their flights leading to tempers running high. The Mumbai airport authorities could not handle the massive rush on day two of the Navaratri festival. And added to that the  poor crowd management led to people standing in long queues. Some passengers in a rush to make it, even started throwing their luggage onto the conveyor belts.

Several passengers took to social media to vent out their frustration. Check out some of the tweets here for the first-hand account of the Mumbai Airport scenes:

Oh oh!! What just happened here? Mismanagement? Breakdown of system? Inexperience of the corporate running the airport now? And don't please blame the crowd! Mumbai airport holds record 1000 flights per day precovid! Yes, it is one of the busiest in the world! Manage it now!!

Complete chaos at Mumbai airport and the poor admin/officials have no idea how to control it. Proper mismanagement, shared another traveller.

Covid Hotspot at Mumbai Airport, shared on traveller.

Indian stand-up comedian Atul Khatri also shared a humourous post about the chaos at the Mumbai Airport. 

Singer\Music composer Vishal Dadlani also tweeted about the Mumbai Airport being amess. It takes atleast 1 hr to enter and do check-in and then this crowd for security check. How can someone board a flight even reaching 2 1/2 hrs before domestic flight. This is the real commercial capital of the country. “T2 AT CSMIA (Mumbai Airport) is a shambles. Literally feels like we’re in the dark ages. Endless milling crowds, machines breaking down, tempers frayed, chaos everywhere. Staff doing their best but absolutely unable to cope, he tweeted. 

" I missed my flight this morning because of this utter chaos. Security and other airport officials doing nothing at all to regulate the people. People were breaking cue, throwing their luggage on the belt. I saw one child getting crushed by the crowds, she could barely breathe...They routed us into the staff security line and it became a complete shitshow, the staff couldn't get through and they started getting into fights with the passengers as well tweeted a user in response to Vishal Dadlani's tweet.

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