CM Kejriwal Announces Further Relaxations in Delhi: Check Out Details

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The Arvind Kejriwal government announced further relaxation. Some of the restrictions have been lifted. Now the auditoriums and assembly halls can function with a maximum of 50 percent capacity. It was clarified that students will continue their classes from home. The teachers are allowed to come to school and make use of the halls.

According to the statement by the state authorities, only teachers and professors will be allowed to go to schools and colleges. They can conduct their online lectures from there if needed. Other than that, no public activity is allowed. Students cannot come back just yet. As of now, only Delhi Police and Army personnel can attend their skill training classes in person.

Lockdown in Delhi started on April 19 owing to the increase in cases during the second wave. Later Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal announced that the lockdown in Delhi will be further extended till May 31. Since then the lockdown has been extended several times but the restrictions and curfew timings were eased.

Earlier it was announced that Restaurants can work at 50 percent seating capacity and malls can work at full capacity. They need not follow the odd-even rule. Even though the cases are relatively fewer now, the government is still preparing for the third wave. As the risk of a surge in Covid19 cases in the third wave is high, the officials have to be prepared well.

As of now, the officials are working to fill up oxygen cylinders, check the hospitals and ICU beds. If the cases see further fall, then Delhi can slowly start going back to a normal state. The lockdown being fully lifted in one go could create chaos, that is why increasing the hours and then lifting the lockdown is safer. So the Kejriwal government decided to do it in phases.

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