Jaya Charan Celebrates Uniqueness Of Bengaluru With KFC’s #Bucketcanvas

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Celebrating the brand’s signature taste offered across the country and reinforcing its runway for growth, KFC India marked the milestone of growing 600 restaurants strong with the #KFCBucketCanvas campaign. The campaign brought together young artists from across the country who together, transformed the iconic KFC Bucket into the #KFCBucketCanvas, with a unique design for each city that the brand has a presence in. Drawing inspiration from the art, architecture, and cultural elements of different cities, these 150 limited edition designs are on display across restaurants. Fans can now cheer for the KFC in their city and appreciate the nuanced designs when they next step into a KFC restaurant closest to them; as well as learn about the artists and their inspiration here.

About the Artist: Jaya is an illustrator and designer based in Bangalore. She has been settled in Bangalore for the last three years. She is an experiential person and loves to create designs based on her experiences or as she imagines experiences to be. A lot of her artwork is inspired by nature, seasons, and the happenings around her, and the illustrations are just journaling of her experiences.

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About the Design: Bangalore is a magnificent city, whether it be its tall buildings or old monuments, the late-night drives, or an early morning meeting in the office. Be it a walk in a park with big banyan trees or a city walk. With this illustration, the artist has shared her experience in the city she now calls home. 

Speaking about this interesting display of art on the KFC Bucket, Moksh Chopra, Chief Marketing Officer, KFC India said, “It’s been an amazing journey for KFC in India, with the brand now present across 150+ cities and crossing 600 restaurants. So, what better way for us to mark this moment, by partnering with young, upcoming artists across the length and breadth of our country. The iconic KFC Bucket served as a Canvas for them to showcase their talent and bring alive the uniqueness of the different regions of India with 150 unique designs. We’re blown away with the talent that’s emerged, and we’re privileged to be able to provide a visibility opportunity to such fabulous new talent. I would encourage you to look up these wonderful creations (at our respective restaurants or online).”

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