Global Jihad: After Afghanistan Takeover, Qaida Says Kashmir Next on List

 - Sakshi Post

Following the Taliban’s victory over Afghanistan, Al Qaeda has cheered them and said that the group was finally able to “free” Afghanistan from the US. The Muslim land is once again free and this is just the start. The next target will be Kashmir. He made a call to all the Muslims around the world to work together and free the Muslim lands.

It is thanks to the Taliban that the path has now been laid. This will lead us into the next part of the plan which will be to free other Muslim lands. Victory over Afghan will prove to be paramount. The Qaeda didn’t just mention Kashmir but also put Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia, and Somalia on the list. It added the Mediterranean swath and some regions in northwest Africa.

Allah is with us. With the blessings of Allah, this victory of the Taliban over Afghanistan was made possible. This will now lead us to victory globally. All the Muslims will be able to free themselves from the despotic rule of tyrants.

Kashmir is there on the list and not places like Xinjiang and Chechnya. Whereas these are the places that allegedly inflict violence over Muslims. The reason behind this could be that both China and Russia in recent times have come out in support of the Taliban. But no matter what it is, this is said to be a biased decision as it was alleged that the Muslims here are oppressed the most. 

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