Bigg Boss Telugu OTT: Is This Why Mitraaw Won't Get Eliminated

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There is a lot happening in the Bigg Boss Non Stop house right now. With each passing day, the real faces of the contestants is being unmasked. The show has completed seven weeks and is inching towards its eighth week. From day one, Mitraaw has been trolled by Bigg Boss Telugu OTT viewers stating she has a strong PR team outside the Bigg Boss Non Stop house. They say that Mitraaw has been saved from elimination every time, thanks to the 24/7 work by her PR team. 

According to social media analysis, netizens believe Mitraaw is a non-performer in the Bigg Boss OTT Telugu house. Last week, all the contestants gave negative reviews to Mitraaw, and Ariyana asked her to stop being fake. 

The eliminated contestants of Bigg Boss Telugu OTT also were of the view that Mitraaw is a double-faced housemate and they said she had not started her game yet in the Bigg Boss house . They also said in the Boss Non Stop Buzz interview that they were confused by Mitraaw's behavior. The latest talk on social media is that Mitraaw asked PR to stop sending weekend costumes for Shiva, and it happened. Apparently, Shiva did not get any costumes last weekend. Even in the sixth-week nomination task, Shiva questioned Mitraaw about it and she was seen lashing out at him to evade his question. 

Taking all this into consideration, the Bigg Boss Telugu OTT audience seems to have decided to eliminate Mitraaw. But as per the inside information, Mitraaw PRs are hiring extra PR teams to make sure she doesn't leave the Bigg Boss Non Stop House. 

Readers, you tell us, is Mitraaw playing her game? Does she deserve to stay in the Bigg Boss house or be elimninated? Let us know your comments in the section below.

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