Bigg Boss Tamil 5: Abhinay Vaddi Ignores Pavani Reddy After Reality Check

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Curtains will come down on Bigg Boss Tamil 5 curtains will this Sunday. The show has entertained the audience while the contestants in the house did their best to get the attention of viewers. There were fights, emotional breakdowns, and happy moments for the contestants. 

During the 105-day competition, friends became foes and foes turned friends, but that did not deter contestants from giving their best. We can say that they gave their 100% to survive longer in the Bigg Boss house. 

As you all know, in tonight's episode, contestants who are eliminated will enter the house for the reunion. The top five contestants are excited to see the eliminated contestants inside the house. 

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Abhinay Vaddi and Ciby put on a show in which the top 5 contestants show their happiness over seeing them together. According to the promo, it seems Abhinay Vaddi is ignoring Pavani Reddy. Earlier, Pavani Reddy and Abhinay Vaddi shared a good bond. Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers were shocked by Pavani's moves with Abhinay a few times. Ciby and Pavani have also had a heated argument about her relationship with Abhinay. However, we can assume that Abhinay got a reality check on his and Pavani's bond and how it got conveyed to the public. Abhinay ignoring Pavani in the reunion shows he wants to stay away from the rumours. Let's wait and watch tonight's episode to know what exactly happened. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates. 

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