Hyderabad: Teens Record Video of Woman Changing in Trial Room, Arrested

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On Friday, Hyderabad police arrested two teenagers for reportedly recording a woman changing clothes in a trial room at a shopping mall. According to authorities, the incident was reporterd from the H&M Shopping Mall in the Jubilee Hills area. 

The accused, who were present nearby attempted to filmg the woman from the top while she was changing clothes in the trial room. When she noticed this, she raised an alarm, and the teenagers were caught by others in the mall. On a complaint raised by the customer, the Jubilee Hills Police rushed to the mall and arrested the suspects.

According to a police officer, they seized the accused's phones and are investigating to see if they are involved in similar activities in other areas. The shop manager was also arrested for alleged carelessness that led to the event. "We will take legal action against all three," stated Joint Commissioner of Police A.R. Srinivas. The two accused, who were customers at the mall, entered the trial area marked for women and were present in the cubicle next to the one where the woman was changing clothes.

This is the second such event in Jubilee Hills in the last month and a half. On September 22, an employee of a drive-in restaurant was arrested when a hidden camera phone with its recording mode switched on was found in the women's restroom. After finding the hidden camera in the above shelf in the restroom, a female client of the restaurant reported it to the police.

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