Hyderabad Siblings Discover Two Main-Belt Asteroids

Hyderabad Siblings Discover Two Main-Belt Asteroids - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Two young boys from the city have found two main-belt asteroids, fueled by their curiosity about astronomy.

These two main-belt asteroids, 2021 GB34 and 2021 GG166 were found by Morapaka Abhiram and Morapaka Vishwaksena, students in the 7th and 4th classes of Ravindra Bharathi School in Nizampet, respectively.

According to the students, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the International Astronomical Search Collaboration (IASC), and the Pan STARRS-Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii, all recognised and validated the asteroids.

Every month, the duo has participated in the IASC's initiatives. The asteroids were spotted and reported as part of the campaign in April of this year, and after a thorough investigation, the two brothers were recognised for their findings just a few days ago. With the help of Spaceport India, the kids might be able to make it.

Abhiram told the media that data and photographs were sent to them as part of the IASC monthly campaigns. "The images were converted into animation with software. Later, using the parameters given to us by the IASC, we were able to find two main-belt asteroids in the images and reported the same in April. After scrutiny, we got recognition and certification for the discovery," he explained.

Abhiram, who was overjoyed by the discovery, expressed his desire to build a SpaceX-style firm in India.

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