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Rajampet:  The newly formed Annamayya district is witnessing its first General election. Sitting MP PV Midhun Reddy is contesting for the third time as the YSRCP candidate. He is facing Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy, a BJP candidate and the former chief minister, who was at the helm of affairs at the time of bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh state.  

In an interview with Sakshi, Midhun Reddy talked about his development efforts for the Rajampet Lok Sabha constituency, his winning prospects, and various other topics.

Having contested from the Rajampet constituency multiple times, what would you say is your strength as a candidate?

Midhun Reddy: This is my third time contesting from Rajampet. I have stood by the people and the party cadre, delivering on my promises. The people of Rajampet Lok Sabha have blessed me twice, and if they bless me a third time, I will work sincerely for the development of the Lok Sabha constituency. I am moving forward in this election with the support of the people.

What sets you apart from your rival, the former Chief Minister Nallari Kiran Kumar Reddy, in this election?

The key difference between Kiran Kumar Reddy and myself is that I am a local leader deeply rooted in this constituency, while he is an outsider, a guest politician. He comes here temporarily, does some work, and then goes back to Hyderabad. The people of this Lok Sabha are well aware of his commitment to the constituency. In fact, the public sentiment is such that they are ready to send him back to Hyderabad after this election.

What is your strength? How is it expected to win this election?

Midhun Reddy: My strength is the people. I am moving forward with Jagananna's ambitions. In this election, the voters will see welfare and development. The fan (YSRCP poll symbol) is back again. Jagananna's election meetings were attended by the people. That's why the alliance is fearing its defeat in the polls.

How has development been carried out within the Rajampet Lok Sabha constituency? What will you do in the next term?

Midhun Reddy: We have completed water grids at a cost of Rs 2,400 crore. We are moving forward with the Handri-Neeva and Galeru-Nagari projects. I have given priority to the construction of the Kadapa-Renigunta National Highway. We have taken up development in Rayachoti, Punganur, Railwaykoduru, Peeleru, Madanapalle, Tamballapalle, and Rajampet areas. It is my resolve to make the Rajampet parliamentary constituency an ideal parliamentary constituency in the country. I hope that with the blessings of God and the people, I will be able to fulfill my commitment. 

How did you work to solve the railway problems within the Rajampet Lok Sabha constituency?

Midhun Reddy: I have worked hard to sanction a new running room at the Nandalur railway station. It was also announced in the budget. I have also mentioned in the Lok Sabha that an alternative industry should be set up for the restoration of the railways. From time to time, we have been making representations to the Railway Minister and the Railway Board for the development of the Nandalur Railway. Like never before, we have worked towards sanctioning RUBs (Road Underbridges) in railway areas under the Rajampet Lok Sabha constituency on the Mumbai-Renigunta railway line without any problem of installing unmanned gates. Now things are going on. I have worked hard to get the Rajampet and Peeleru railway stations included in the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme. 

Are the promises made by Chandrababu Naidu on the issues related to the district feasible?

Midhun Reddy: Chandrababu speaks different things at different places to deceive the people. . The people of Rajampet no longer trust the words of TDP leader. They are aware that he practices the politics of opportunism. We will complete the Annamayya project in the second term. Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has promised to set up the 18th Medical College at Rajampet.

What are the chances of winning as the Rajampet YSRCP's Lok Sabha candidate?

Midhun Reddy: Jagananna's welfare and development will enable me to defeat my rivals in the elections. I have the blessings of Dalits, Muslims, Christians, and BC voters. Muslim minorities have great affection and admiration for CM YS Jagan. All residents of Annamayya and Chittoor districts know that the Peddireddy family will stand by the poor. I am confident that I will win the elections with a huge margin as the power of God and people is with me..

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