Chandrababu Has No Rights To Talk About Farmers: Kurasala Kannababu

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The second day of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly sessions began on Friday. A discussion on the agricultural sector was scheduled for today. 
Speaking on the occasion, Andhra Pradesh Agriculture Minister Kursala Kannababu said that the ruling YSRCP had done for farmers what the TDP had in five years of its rule. "We are providing insurance cover to the farmers who have sown their seeds. In the process, 71 lakh farmers have been covered," he said.

Recalling that the previous TDP government had never given full subsidy to the farmers, he questioned whether the TDP leaders had given even a single advice to the farmers. The TDP has no moral right to talk about actual farmers, he asserted. 

Chandrababu, who had laid stones in the path when home minister Amit Shah came to Tirupati, rushed to Delhi to fall at his feet, he said.

He also sarcastically added that it would take years of several meetings to talk about the greatness of Babu.

Chandrababu, who endured Lokesh's defeat in Mangalagiri, said that defeat in Kuppam did not count for him. Kurasala asked if Chandrababu had the guts to contest any of the elections in future.

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