Don't Get On My Nerves, Get Out of My Sight: Shannu Shouts at Siri

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Bigg Boss Telugu 5 is in its final leg and viewers are waiting for the grand finale. After displaying a strong bond and much drama in the Bigg Boss house, Shanmukh Jaswanth was seen losing his temper. In a latest promo released by the Bigg Boss Telugu makers Star Maa, Shannu is seen lashing out at Siri for the emotional drama she's been doing from the beginning of the show. 

In tonight's episode, we will get see the angry side of Shannu. He is seen questioning Siri over her actions and provoking words ever since theiir entry into the Bigg Boss house. They both get into an argument about some issue and Siri tries to explain to Shannu. But Shannu seems to be in no mood to listen. He tells Siri that he knows how to play the game and doesn't want any suggestions from her and tells her she doesn't know how to respect friends. 

Later, Siri lashes out and tells Shannu that he always thinks that she is negative. In continuation of that fight, Siri apologizes to Shannu. But Shannu breaks his silence and loses his cool, saying he supported her and got into a fight that did not involve him. He also regrets losing his bond and respect from housemates, including her because he blindly supported her. Shannu also mentions about Siri's mother's comment on their hug episode, which killed his repuration inside and outside the house. 

But dear viewers, we know that Shannu and Siri's fights are not new to us. However, the promo highlights the fact that Shannu points at Siri's mom's reaction to their hug and being hurt by her comment. This fight shows that Shannu is very disappointed with Siri for days, but he remained silent over the fear that it may project him badly outside the Bigg Boss Telugu 5 house. A section of the audience is supporting Shannu's frustration with Siri. 

If one were to analyse Shannu's game in the house, he is always seen with Siri and gets into a fight for her which has built animosity between him and other contestants. Audience feel that while Siri is the cause of fights, it's Shannu who gets into the bad books of housemates taking her side while Siri sits silently watching the show. However, the point is will this fight affect Shannu's vote bank or not. Is Shannu's fight justified?

For the first time we see him asking Siri to get lost which has shocked us. 

Who do you support, Siri or Shannu? Comment below.

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