BBT5: Check Out The Position Of Contestants After Family Reunion

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 house was filled with emotions and mother sentiment. Contestants in the house were on cloud nine after meeting their family members. Anyway, family members of the contestants shared their honest feedback with them, asking them to play their own game. 

The most awaited family reunion was that of Shannu and Siri which got a lot of eyeballs for the Star Maa. Shannu's mother asked him to play his own game and asked him not to get emotionally attached to anyone. Siri's mother directly expressed her displeasure over Siri's hugs and kisses with Shannu. Now, the family reunion has ended. 

Coming to contestants' positions in the twelfth week, the positions have totally changed after the family re union. And we all know that positions in the house will change each week, and we can't predict them. The position of the most famous contestant in the house--Shanmukh is said to have dropped from top 3 from top 1, while Sunny has overtaken Shannu's position. All the female contestants are in the bottom. It looks like season 5 female contestants are the weakest compared to the other seasons. We can also say that they are trying to defeat male contestants, but luck is not favoring them.

Check out the positions of the contestants in the 12 week

Sunny- 1








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