BB15: Viewers Dub Bigg Boss 15 Most Boring Season Ever

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Fans of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss are not happy with how season 15 has been going on. The concept of Junglewasi and Gharwasi has become irritating now. Nothing has changed since the start of the show. The 3 contestants from Bigg Boss OTT are here to create problems for the Junglewasis. They are here for creating ‘Sankat’ but so far it has only caused fights.

Bigg Boss 15 seems more like WWE than a reality show. No matter what the issue is or what the argument is about, it is always ending up in a physical fight with everyone pounding on each other.

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Even Farah Khan in the recent Weekend ka Vaar episode pointed out that the Gharwale are not so serious about anything. Shamita Shetty, Pratik Sehajpal, and Nishant Bhat have nothing to worry about. They are not getting nominated, have a comfortable house and all the amenities to themselves. There should be some twist that makes things difficult for them too. Otherwise, it becomes boring.

This is what the fans have been saying on Twitter. Some have also termed Bigg Boss 15 as the most boring and predictable season ever and have demanded the makers to try something new.  

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