Before new season of 'Gullak', Jameel Khan regrets tech leading to 'erosion of innocence'

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Mumbai, May 29 (IANS) Actor Jameel Khan, who is set to return with the fourth season of his superhit streaming show ‘Gullak’, feels that technology is a double-edged sword. While technology has made lives easier, it has also led to the erosion of innocence and simplicity from our lives.

‘Gullak’ is known for its themes of nostalgia as it tells the story of a middle-class Indian family from the simpler times, and how the family dynamics operated back in the day when technology didn’t govern our lives to the extent it does today from e-commerce, digital transactions to social media.

Jameel told IANS: “I think technology has contributed immensely to the loss of innocence and simplicity. We used to take joy from simple ways of living, technology has added a lot of peer pressure and burden on people.”

He further mentioned that technology triggers a rat race and brings upon competition with oneself and others, making a competitive society at large where everyone is left to fend for themselves.

He said: “Technology makes people get carried away and as a result, this has complicated their lives. Technology also leads to the erosion of innocence because of the rat race that it triggers. Everyone wants to be someone and reach somewhere. This had led to competition within oneself and in the society to a large extent.”

Created by Shreyansh Pandey, 'Gullak' Season 4 is set to drop on June 7 on Sony LIV.

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