Video of AIMIM MLA Mumtaz Khan Hurling Abuses at Locals Viral

Video of AIMIM MLA Mumtaz Khan Hurling Abuses at Locals Viral - Sakshi Post

Mumtaz Khan, an AIMIM MLA, is caught in yet another scandal, and the video has gone viral.

Mumtaz Ahmed Khan, an AIMIM MLA, was caught in yet another controversy on Tuesday after reportedly abusing a few people who were protesting the demolition campaign in the Moghalpura section of the old city.

A team of GHMC officials from the town planning office came to Moghalpura's Hari Bowli neighbourhood and began destroying alleged unlawful constructions. Despite receiving compensation under the land acquisition rule, the structures were still standing, according to GHMC officials.

Meanwhile, a few store owners opposed the destruction and attempted to stop the officials, prompting GHMC personnel to approach AIMIM Charminar MLA Mumtaz Ahmed Khan to calm the crowd. Meanwhile, a few people attempted to confront Mumtaz about the destruction, to which the unhappy MLA allegedly responded by hurling verbal obscenities and allowing the city officials to continue with the job.

"The illegal structures were acting as a stumbling block at Moghalpura. Despite the road widening plan, the encroachers were not allowing the officials to carry out work, and after my intervention, only illegal structures were razed," Mumtaz Ahmed Khan stated.

It should be remembered that the MLA was caught in a scandal earlier this month over the slapping of local youth. A complaint was also filed against the MLA at the Hussainialam police station.

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