Do We Need Cheaters or Do We Need Good Doers and Those Who Deliver?

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CM Jagan Asks at Memantha Siddham public meeting in Prathipadu, Guntur

CM Jagan calls the upcoming election a Kurukshetra battle between a govt that provided pensions and an unholy alliance that stopped it.

CM Jagan's Speech Highlights: Memantha Siddham in Prathipadu, Guntur

- The YSRCP government provided Rs 2.70 lakh crore without corruption and discrimination by clicking the button 130 times in the last five years. Are you all Siddham (ready) to click two buttons for YSRCP? 

- This election is a Kurukshetra war between the government that provided the pension and those who stopped them

- In his quest to cheat people cheater (Mosalu) Naidu, found the support of two other political parties in the form of his adopted son (Dattaputrudu) Pawan Kalyan(Janasena) and his Sister-In-law (Vadinamma) Purandeswari (BJP)

- YSRCP fulfilled 99% of the manifesto promises, on the other hand, In 2014, Chandrababu along with his alliance partners Pawan Kalyan and BJP, made promises to waive off farm loans and DWCRA loans and to deposit Rs 25,000 in the account of the mother of the newborn girl child. He also promised monthly financial assistance to unemployed youth and to build a new city on par with Singapore but he failed to fulfill even one promise 

- In movies, we can make out who is the hero and  who is the villain, judging them by their actions. Similarly, in politics, it is also clear.  I've fulfilled 99% of the promises I made in 2019, and on the other hand, there is Chandrababu, who didn't even fulfill one. Now, I'm asking people to support me with the same confidence as they did  in 2019

- The vote being cast in this election will determine our future for the next five years and voting for the opposition will mean pushing yourselves into darkness and throwing children's future in a pit. 

- Voting for opposition will further mean pushing farmers to commit suicide and ensuring stoppage of welfare being provided to elderly and women in the state

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