AP Speakers Ruling: Members To Be Automatically Suspended If They Enter Podium

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AP Assembly: Speaker Tammineni Sitharam on Monday ruled the automatic suspension of members who enter the podium or willfully obstruct the business of the House by raising slogans and disrupting the proceedings. Addressing the Andhra Pradesh Assembly during the seventh day of the proceedings, he expressed his angst at the ruckus created by the Opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP) members who attacked the Speaker’s chair and also attacked the Dalit MLAs in the House when they had come to protect him.

 Speaker Tammineni Sitaram expressed anguish over the inappropriate behavior of TDP members towards him in the AP Assembly despite his repeated warnings to allow the proceedings to continue. In a grave tone, the Speaker that he was not the brother of Gautama Buddha and said that the House members had the right to protest without crossing the line. He criticized the TDP members for disrespecting the chair position where stalwarts sat and conducted the House proceedings, he stated while taking names of distinguished erstwhile Speakers of the AP Assembly.  The behavior of the TDP members was despicable and it is most unfortunate that senior members of the TDP resorted to attacking him.

All the members of the House are equal before the House and I have never seen such behavior by the members in House where they touched the Speaker's chair and thrust placards on his face. Despite all that, I have chosen to tolerate the attitude of TDP members in silence.

“ Who asked the TDP members to stage attacks in the House? My duty is to run the House smoothly and responsibility to protect the members' rights. If TDP leaders tear papers and throw them at me, I feel like they are throwing flowers at me. TDP members pushed YSRCP MLA Eliza. During the previous government, MLA Rojamma was suspended for a year. The Assembly’s time and public money are being wasted and the people are watching and observing the actions of the members in the Assembly, he reminded. Tammineni commented that the behavior of TDP leaders should change.

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