Nara Lokesh's Red Book Constitution in AP!?

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Amaravati: TDP general secretary and newly inducted IT Minister of AP Nara Lokesh is leaving no stone unturned to take revenge against the political rivals. Lokesh, who had warned the rivals and vowed to take stern action when he was in the opposition, is now prepping to keep his word. The state of Andhra Pradesh may soon witness Nara Lokesh's  Red Book 'Constitution'.

After launching a series of attacks on the opponents, TDP netas have now put up several ‘red book’ hoardings across the state. Through these hoardings, the TDP is fearlessly highlighting the vandalism and violation of constitutional rights. 

It is shocking that the violation of constitutional rights has begun under the watch of chief minister Chandrababu Naidu. Under this government, the IAS officers are being subjected to blackmailing and harassment. The bureaucrats are being harassed in the name of performance assessment reports with an aim to subjugate them. 

In his first meeting with the administration, Chandrababu gave clear signals about the consequences, irregularities and atrocities that will take place in the state in the coming days. On the one hand, the people who did not vote for them and the YSRCP activists are being targeted selectively and at the same time they are planning to use the administration to implement their own agenda.   

Red Book Constitution implementation

It is to be noted that Minister Nara Lokesh is emerging as the brand ambassador for the implementation of the Red Book Constitution. The TDP government is trying to infuse fear among the political opponents by putting up red book hoardings with Lokesh's photos across the state. It is customary to put up hoardings with photos of the leader and wish him good luck if he or she wins the election, however, TDP has put up hoardings with the title 'Red Book' exposing the party’s vindictive tendencies.

These hoardings were seen in Mangalagiri, Vijayawada, Guntur and many other cities and towns in the state. Before the Assembly elections, Lokesh would display the 'Red Book' at his public meetings and threaten the officials saying it contains their names and he would get back to them after TDP comes to power in the state. Warnings have already been issued to IAS, IPS and other high ranking officers who acted in accordance with the rules during the previous government.  

Taking advantage of the alliance with the BJP, the TDP's unruly mobs went on a rampage during the polling day and after the election results were announced. The mobs were armed with sticks, knives and rods. Days before the elections, upright and honest police officers were transferred by the Election Commission’s (EC) order.

As the election results started trickling on June 4. the TDP’s sympathisers started attacking the YSRCP leaders and activists and their properties were destroyed. The unruly TDP supporters did not spare village and ward secretariats, Rythu Bharosa Kendras and vehicles supplying ration to households. They even demolished the statutes of YSR in some places.  
Panicked YSRCP sympathisers are forced to leave the villages as the normalcy has returned in these places yet. This has happened in the presence of central security forces who were in the state for election duty. One can imagine what would be the state of affairs in the coming days.  

The Red Book policy now seems to have got government approval. This exposes the malafide intention of the Chandrababu government pertaining to the AllIndia Service officers Chandrababu, who took over as chief minister of the state for the fourth time claiming to be a 40-year-old veteran, is fully aware of the procedures of the All India Service officers - governments change every five years, however, the bureaucracy continue to serve the incoming governments. . 

It is surprising that Chandrababu is preparing to target and harass some officials with political vendetta. After the election results were declared, some officials who had come to congratulate him were sent back without meeting him. According to observers, Chief Minister’s remarks against the IAS and IPS officers who made a courtesy call to him on Thursday were not befitting for the top post.  

Chandrababu has reportedly directed his team to collect information about the All India service officers. The team is engaged in collecting information from district collectors and SPs to IAS and IPS officers at the state level.  

Lokesh was the Minister for Panchayati Raj and Rural Development in the Chandrababu government between 2014 and 2019. At that time, senior IAS officer Jawahar Reddy was the head of the administration. Later, he became the Chief Secretary during the previous government and he remained in this position at the time of recent elections.  

Reddy performed his duties to the best of his abilities both in the previous TDP government and later in the YSRCP government. However, Chandrababu targeted him for political reasons. A complaint was lodged with the EC seeking his transfer. However, the EC did not transfer him as there was no truth in the allegations. The CS followed the EC's instructions in the distribution of social pensions before the elections.

Between 2014 to 2019, the former chief minister YS Jagan gave IAS and IPS officers, who were considered close to Chandrababu during the TDP government, in key positions in his government. Bureaucrat Sai Prasad, who was part of Chandrababu's camp, was appointed as a key CCLA member. 

The officials who worked in Chandrababu’s office were given the charge of the medical health department, roads and buildings, revenue stamps and registration departments. The officials, who worked in the finance department during the TDP regime, were not transferred by YS Jagan during the tenure of his government. The IAS officer, who was forced to snatch the paper from Jagan's hand when he was the leader of the opposition, was also given a crucial posting.  

Meanwhile, a video of senior TDP leader Chintakayala Ayyannapatrudu's hate speech stating that "Jagan has lost but has not died yet" has gone viral on social media. “He lost, but he's dead.’  He’s got a lot of money power. He’s got caste strength. He has the support of people in the neighbouring Telangana government," a user remarked. 

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