Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 22: Fathe Rushes Tejo to Hospital

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Tejo gets stuck in the strike and gets hurt. Meanwhile, Fathe reaches the spot due to some work and sees Tejo with injuries and rushes to her. Jasmine sees Fathe and injured Tejo. Fathe takes Tejo to the hospital and admits her. Angad gets to know about Tejo's situation. Later, after Tejo gets into a conscious state, she recalls Fathe and wonders if Fathe admit her to the hospital or someone else did it.

In yesterday's episode, Tejo finds her necklace broken and asks Babili who came to her room. Babili informs how Jasmine will look like. Later Tejo inquires about Riya's missing and reaches the hotel where Jasmine stays but Tejo fails to find that she is Jasmine. Riya calls Tejo and tells Angad is crying, Tejo rushes to the house. Angad shares his grief with Tejo and tells her she will also leave him like his parents and brother. Tejo promises Anagad she will not leave him and Riya. Meanwhile, Jasmine visits Riya's dadi and manipulates her. Jasmine tells Riya's dadi that Angad is getting married to Tejo and says it will be easy for him to get Riya's custody if he gets married. Meanwhile, Tejo reaches the hotel to find the lady behind Riya's kidnap but gets stuck in some strike. 


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