Kotha Kothaga Movie Review

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Movie: Kotha Kothaga
Cast: Ajay Aman, Virti Vaghani, Kalyani Natarajan, Kumar Sai, Pawan Tej, Kasi Viswanadh
Director: Hanumaan Vasamsetty
Banner: Funfilled Entertainments
Producer: Muralidhar Reddy Mukkara

Love stories never go dry in the world of Telugu cinema. We often see romantic movies, for most audiences encourage the genre. The latest romantic film Kotha Kothaga has been released in theatres. The film is directed by Hanumaan Vasamsetty and it is produced by Muralidhar Reddy Mukkara under the banner Fun Filled Entertainments.


Sidhu (Ajay) and Rajee (Virti Vaghani) attend the same Engineering College. The guy falls in love with Rajee, although the latter is indifferent. Rajee shows attitude and doesn’t even like to shake a hand with him. On his part, though, Sidhu is ready to even die for her.

Rajee’s brother Keshava, meanwhile, gets busy looking for matches for his sister. Keshav's brother-in-law Ram (Pawan Tej) tells his elder sister Satya (Lavanya Reddy) that he likes Rajee a lot. Ram's elders decide to talk with Rajee’s family. Although Rajee’s brother doesn’t want his sister to get married to Ram, he agrees to the alliance so as not to hurt his parents' wishes. 

Rajee's marriage gets fixed with Ram. Although she wants to pursue her career, she can’t say ‘No’ to the alliance due to parental pressure. Meanwhile, Rajee learns that Sidhu is sincere in his love for her. Will Rajee marry Ram for her parents' sake? What does Sidhu do in order to win Rajee back in her life? Will he be able to marry Rajee?

What’s hot:

Ajay Aman looks handsome and dashing in the film. He gives an awe-inspiring performance. Virti Vaghani looks cute and sexy as well. Their on-screen chemistry is one of the major highlights of the story. 

The production values are rich. Each and every song has been penned beautifully. Director Hanumaan Vasametty shot and executed the film with craft. The audience will keep guessing about what might unfold next. 

What’s not:

The screenplay of the film could have been tighter and crisp despite all the merits. The writing department should have pushed itself better. 

Verdict: Kotha Kothaga is a beautiful love story. Watch it at the theatres near you.

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