Who Is Indian Origin Nand Mulchandani First Chief Technology Officer of CIA

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Nand Mulchandani, a man of Indian origin, has been named the CIA's first top technology officer (CTO).

Hyderabad: The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has selected Nand Mulchandani, an Indian-origin man who travelled to the US for college and higher education, as their first-ever Central Technology Officer (CTO).

The news was made by CIA Director William J Burns in a blog post that was published on Twitter by the agency. In a tweet, the CIA stated, "With more than 25 years of experience, Mr. Mulchandani will ensure the Agency is leveraging cutting-edge innovations to further CIA's mission."

CIA director William J Burns said, "Since my confirmation, I have prioritised focusing on technology, and the new CTO position is a very important part of that effort. I am delighted Nand has joined our team and will bring his extensive experience to this crucial new role" according to media reports.

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According to the CIA, Nand Mulchandani has over 25 years of experience working in Silicon Valley. According to sources based on the CIA statement, he will report directly to William J Burns.

What We Know About Nand Mulchandani, The CIA's First Chief Technology Officer:

Nand Mulchandani attended Delhi's Bluebells School International and then moved to Cornell University to study Computer Science and Math as an undergraduate. He went to Stanford for his Master's degree, earning a Science degree in Management. He also holds a Harvard Master of Public Administration degree.

Before joining the Central Intelligence Agency, Nand Mulchandani was the CTO and acting head of the US Department of Defense's Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (CIA). He was also the founder and CEO of many startups, including Oblix (which was purchased by Oracle), Determina (which was acquired by VMware), OpenDNS (which was acquired by Cisco), and ScaleXtreme (acquired by Citrix).

According to media reports, the CIA's newly-appointed CTO, after CIA director Burns's announcement of the coveted position, said, "I am honoured to join CIA in this role and look forward to working with the Agency’s incredible team of technologists and domain experts who already deliver world-class intelligence and capabilities to help build a comprehensive technology strategy that delivers exciting capabilities working closely with industry and partners."

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