Vulgarity, The Reason For Rise in Sexual Assault Cases: Pakistan PM Imran Khan

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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan recently spoke on the matter of increasing rape cases and blamed ‘vulgarity’ for it. He said that obscenity plays a huge part in it. This is not the Pakistani culture but something that we learnt from western countries.

In a recently held interactive session with the public, the PM spoke with the people and also answered some of their questions. It was an online session with people asking their questions over a phone call. One of the people’s asked a question regarding the increase in rape cases. He asked why there was an increase in rape cases and sexual assault. Imran Khan responded while blaming vulgarity.

The PM said that the answer to this is “fahashi” (vulgarity). He said that vulgarity plays a huge part in such crimes. Also bringing in the concept of religion and religious practices, he said that this is the reason why the ‘purdah’ system is necessary. The purdah system in Islam was made so that a person can be free from any temptations.

It is difficult for every person to control themselves. They might not be as strong and may not have good self-discipline. The purdah concept is to make sure that others don’t get tempted.

Khan further recalled the time when he visited foreign countries. He shared that the 70s era was a time where drugs, sex and other such things were becoming popular. People were getting affected by it. Such things are now becoming the reason for failed marriages and breakups. Vulgarity has increased so much that society is now walking towards downfall.

The Pakistani Prime Minister did not leave this opportunity to talk about its neighbours. Citing the example of Indian capital and the influence of Bollywood on young minds, Khan said that the film industry is also one of the reasons for increasing vulgarity in India. The capital city, Delhi has now become the rape capital of India.

People are reacting to the PM’s statement. Many said that this is not the way a leader should have spoken. Reacting to Khan’s statement, a Netizen on Twitter commented, “If women “invite” rape by the way they dress, then do banks invite robbery by the money they keep? Do stores invite larceny by the goods they display? Do the wealthy invite assault and theft by wearing fine jewellery and driving expensive cars?”

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