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'Honeymoon Express', produced by NRI Entertainments and A New Reel India Entertainments Production, was released in theatres today (June 21).


Sonali (Hebbah Patel) and Ishaan (Chaitanya Rao) fall in love at first sight. They get married soon after. However, their marital bliss is disrupted by compatibility issues. They consult a relationship counselor for guidance. With no help coming from any quarter, they ultimately decide to separate.

But here is when the universe conspires to give them a chance. An elderly couple, Bala (Tanikella Bharani) and Tripura Sundari (Suhasini), intervene and advise Sonali and Ishaan to visit a resort romantically named Honeymoon Express. The film explores the changes this trip brings to their lives and whether they reconcile. The motives of the elderly couple and the couple's ultimate fate remain a mystery that unfolds in the course of the film.


Since this is more of a relationship comedy-drama, the lead actors were expected to be versatile. And Chaitanya Rao and Hebbah Patel rise to the occasion. The former is known for playing a variety of roles in movies in recent years, including the formidable 'Keedaa Colaa'. His style is effortless. As for the 'Kumari 21F' actress, she is good in the role of a stubborn wife who doesn't relent for good.

Suhasini's impeccable talent needs no introduction. She aces her part and brings warmth to her scenes with her co-artist, Tanikella Bharani. Ali offers a few laughs. Surekha Vani and Ravi Varma are also seen.

Technical Departments:

When it comes to movies of this sort, music plays a crucial role. Kalyani Malik has a knack for giving rom-coms/relationship dramas a melodic flavour. In the case of 'Honeymoon Express', he gets to be different. RP Patnaik, one of the most sought-after composers from the 2000s, is good with the background score. The lyrics by Kittu Vissapragada enhance the purpose of the songs.

Umashankar G (USA) has edited the movie, while Sistla VMK has taken care of the cinematography.


The film tackles the rising trend of young couples separating due to petty egos and flimsy differences. Director Bala Rajasekharuni emphasizes the importance of respecting each other's wishes in a marital relationship. Modern-day relationships are not corroded by assertive women. They are damaged by egos.

The film cleverly weaves social commentary about how young couples today prioritize the kind of liberty they enjoyed in their pre-marital phase. The drama scrutinizes the psychology of the husband-wife duo. 'Honeymoon Express' serves as a message for couples on the brink of separation due to minor disagreements.

The film also delivers a youthful entertainer with a social message, featuring the romance between the female lead and her husband. While the science-fiction and time-travel elements might be off-putting, the film ultimately delivers the director's intended message with boldness.

The portrayal of a wife's desire for a specific type of husband and the concept of a luxurious resort named Honeymoon Express fulfilling those desires is a refreshing take. However, the audience might find the concept of seeking redemption at a resort a bit crazy.


'Honeymoon Express' gets its messaging right. It is also filled with some engaging moments despite a few hiccups.

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