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Perfume, the latest movie to hit theaters, features CheNag and Prachi Thaker in lead roles. Produced by J.Sudhakar, Shiva B, Rajkumar B, Srinivas Lavuri Rajender Kanukuntla, and Sridhar Akkineni (USA), the film is directed by JD Swamy. Here's a review of the film:

Plot: Vyas (CheNag) is portrayed as a character with a peculiar obsession with smells, traveling around the city. His behavior takes a dark turn as he changes upon smelling any girls, leading to cases filed against him. ACP Deepthi (Abhinaya) aims to catch him before the situation escalates. Simultaneously, Leela (Prachi Thacker) is on a quest to find Vyas. Their paths cross, resulting in a public confrontation. Vyas, driven by his disturbing behavior, kidnaps Leela. The film unfolds the mystery of Vyas, Leela's background, and the repercussions of their encounter.

Performances: CheNag, a newcomer to the industry, delivers a commendable performance, embodying his character with the finesse of an experienced actor. His portrayal in emotional scenes stands out. Prachi Thaker shines on screen, leaving a lasting impression with her beauty and acting skills. Abhinaya's portrayal of ACP Deepthi is fantastic, contributing significantly to the film's narrative. The supporting cast, including Baba, delivers solid performances, adding depth to the overall cinematic experience.

Analysis: Perfume is a thrilling movie that explores a unique concept. The narrative revolves around the psychological aspects of the protagonist, Vyas, and the suspense surrounding Leela's character. The film keeps the audience engaged with its intriguing storyline, marked by unexpected twists and turns. The on-screen chemistry between CheNag and Prachi Thaker adds an extra layer of interest, while Abhinaya's portrayal of ACP Deepthi adds a crucial investigative dimension to the plot.

Verdict: Perfume is a compelling and thrilling movie that offers a fresh perspective. It's worth watching for its innovative storyline and the impressive performances of the cast.

Rating: 2.5/5

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