ATS Cracks Mansukh Hiran Murder Mystery, Waze Prime Accused?

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Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad recently announced that they have solved the Mansukh Hiran murder case. This revelation comes right after the Ministry of Home Affairs commanded Maharashtra ATS to hand over the case to the National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Shivdeep Lande, DIG, Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad posted about this and said that “We have solved the mysterious Mansukh Hiran murder case. From the bottom of my heart, I salute my ATS officers and men who worked day and night and got results. This is one of the toughest cases in my career.”

ATS arrested two accused in this case- Naresh Gor (31) and Vinayak Shinde (51). It was reported that Gor is a cricket bookie and Shinde is a constable. Shinde was convicted in the 2006 case of the Lakhan Bhaiyya encounter. These two accused were remanded in police custody.

It was aid that Sachin Waze is the prime accused in this case. ATS was to give the case to NIA but they are still investigating it. That is because the ATS didn’t get the order yet. They will have to receive formal orders. The details of the case and all the information will be handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) by Tuesday.

It was reported by the ATS officer that Gor and Shinde had illegal SIM cards. Gor got eight SIM cards from Gujarat and give them to Shinde who in turn gave them to Waze. Hiran's killers were using these SIM cards to make the call.

“Shinde was dismissed from the force as he was a convict in the Lakhan Bhaiyya encounter case. He was serving life imprisonment. He came out on parole in May 2020 due to the pandemic,” informed an officer. Shinde has been in touch with Waze ever since. He was helping Waze with the illegal work.

Along with Shinde, a friend of Waze was also allegedly involved in the case. These men are the accused in the Mukesh Ambani Antilia bomb scare case.

What is it About?

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) arrested a Mumbai cop Sachin Waze on Sunday for his alleged role in the Mukesh Ambani Bomb threat case. According to the report, Waze had planted the Bomb laden car that belonged to Mansukh Hiran in front of Mukesh Ambani’s house.

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