Sarve Satyanarayana Launches Fresh Tirade Against Uttam, Khuntia

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Hyderabad: Suspended Congress leader and former Union Minister Sarve Satyanarayana lashed out at Telangana affairs in-charge R.C. Khuntia and TPCC president N. Uttam Kumar Reddy. It is said that Congress high command is considering this issue seriously and is unhappy for announcing the suspension without informing the AICC as the leader is a member of AICC.

Satyanarayana was suspended from the party for using unparliamentarily language at RC Khuntia and throwing a water bottle at the TPCC general secretary Bollu Kishan for questioning him about his foul language at the meeting on Sunday.

In the past, a similar incident took place between Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and TPCC treasurer Gudur Narayana Reddy, where the former even physically attacked the latter. But no action was taken against Komatireddy Venkat Reddy.

Talking to the media, Sarve Satyanarayana questioned the reason behind the party’s failure in the recent assembly elections. He called, Khuntia an ‘iron leg’ (bad omen) and that Uttam Kumar Reddy was unfit to be the TPCC president,” Sarve said, both of them should be held responsible for the party’s poor performance in the Telangana state polls. Some of the candidates were issued party tickets only a day before the nominations were to be filed, he added. Sarve made a serious allegation that Telangana Congress affairs in-charge Khuntia had built a new house with bribe money given by the Telangana Congress leaders and party workers. Uttam Kumar Reddy is involved in a CID case but he managed to get out of it with the help of a contractor he said. Sarve Satyanarayana alleged that Uttam and Khuntia had taken money from many candidates to grant ticket and eventually denied tickets to them.

He pointed out that ,” When the Ibrahimpatam seat is allotted to the TDP as a part of Mahakutami alliance, how did Uttam support the BSP candidate?” Satyanarayana also questioned that , if the Congress lost the recently held elections under the leadership of Uttam and Khuntia how could the PCC suspend him. He also reminded them that his suspension lied in the hands of the AICC hands and demanded Uttam and Khuntia to resign as Congress failed in the elections.

He said that Uttam wanted to be the Chief Minister Telangana and even tried alienating Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka and was actually double dealing by working with the TRS party against the Congress in the elections, he alleged further.

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