There Isn’t A Single BC Community Chandrababu Has Not Taken For A Ride   

AP Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy - Sakshi Post

P. Gannavaram, East Godavari District: This morning, my Padayatra began from P. Gannavaram and moved through Dokka Seetamma Varidhi. The aqua duct built by Sir Arthur Cotton here is testament to his vision, because he had thought of the needs of posterity in the early phase of the nineteenth century.  I felt that one needed sincerity and single-mindedness of purpose to commit oneself to the service of the people to achieve something like this.

As soon as I set foot in Lankala Gannavaram, I was reminded of the spirit of charity and sacrifice for which the renowned Dokka Seethamma, known as Apara Annapurna is remembered, tales of whose legendary devotion to feed the hungry traveled all the way to Britain in those days. I recalled her life-long dedication and self-effacing commitment to feed the hungry at all times. Her generosity and the respect of the British rulers of the day. If her large heartedness and heroic acts of charity remain permanently carved in history, on the other side today, we have Chandrababu’s son, Chinna Babu (Lokesh) in whose name there is indiscriminate loot in the form of illegal sand mining in these areas bringing disrepute to the region, lamented the local villagers.

The fact that hundreds of crores worth sand has been illegally carted away from this village alone, shows the scale of corruption under the present TDP regime. That Lankala Gannavaram ramp is referred to as Lokesh ramp shows to what heights corruption has climbed in Andhra Pradesh under TDP! It is tragic indeed that a place once celebrated for charity and generosity, for feeding and serving the poor, has earned notoriety thanks to Chinna Babu, for looting and plunder and for starving the needy.

Members of the Nayee Brahmin community from P. Gannavaram and Rajolu who met me, were furious that Chandrababu Naidu had threatened and humiliated members of the community, who met him to press for implementation of promises made in the TDP manifesto at the time of elections. Asking members of the community who went to meet him at the state secretariat to “shut up”, speaking threateningly saying— “I will not spare anyone”, “I will cut your tail”, “I will not permit you to set foot in temples,“— what sort of uncivilised behaviour is this? Is this the love for BCs which Chandrababu claims to have? They expressed their anguish asking whether it was proper to treat their association members, who went to meet the CM in the secretariat as goons. They asked—is it not a display of authoritarianism on his part to behave in this crass fashion and then seek an apology from the Nayee Brahmin association members?

It is unpardonable on Chandrababu’s part, to insult and threaten members of a BC community, who approached him seeking redressal of their grievances.  This is nothing but a classic case of overweening arrogance stemming from wielding power. If Chanakya said, “a ruler is a servant of the people and his happiness lies in making them happy,” Chandrababu Naidu believes in a contrary version of this principle. He believes in making all kinds of promises, treating people as his masters till the elections and then riding roughshod over them.

I have a question for the chief minister—is it not true that you had promised jobs to members of the Nayee Brahmin community in prisons, hospitals, temples and also as temple musicians on page 23 of your election manifesto? Is it just on your part to humiliate those who remind you of these promises? If you get angered on being reminded of these assurances, how should one describe you who deceived people with these commitments and did not fulfil them?  When fishermen reminded you about your election promise, you threatened them saying you would skin them. You belittled and insulted members of the Nayee Brahmin community who met you to remind you about your election assurances. Is there a single community of BCs whom you have not taken for a ride?  Why do you have such contempt for BC communities? Is this the love and concern you have for them?

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