Administer COVID-19 Jabs at Old Age Homes: AP High Court

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The court asks that the government refrain from mandating ID cards for detainees, convicts, and migratory workers

The state administration was ordered by the court to finish administering jabs to residents in old age homes across the state in two days.

Vijayawada: The Andhra Pradesh High Court has ordered the state government to deliver Covid-19 vaccines to people in old age homes, jails, and migrant laborers without requiring them to have identification cards like Aadhaar.

On Thursday, a division bench comprising justices K. Vijaya Lakshmi and D. Ramesh heard the case. The court ordered the government to deliver Covid-19 vaccination to people living in old age homes who are having difficulty acquiring the vaccine due to a lack of seven ID cards, such as the Aadhaar, that the Centre has approved for use in administering the vaccine.

The administration told the court that they had finished administering the vaccine to people residing in old age homes in the Krishna and Chittoor districts and that almost half of the people in other districts had been vaccinated. The court, on the other hand, ordered it to finish administering the vaccine to patients in old age homes across the state within two days.

The administration also discussed the steps being taken to prepare for the upcoming third wave of the Coronavirus pandemic in the state, as well as the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination drive. It also provided information on the number of cases of black fungus and the medical care given to those affected.

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