Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 4: Rupi Rejects Jasmine, Fathe Leaves Town

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Rupi lashes out at Jasmine as she comes back to him after Fathe left him. Rupi tells Jasmine that he is happy that God punished her for everything she did. Later, Rupi doesn't allow Jasmine into the house and says that he won't have a relationship with her. Fathe tells Khushbeer that he married Jasmine only because Tejo should move on with Angad and requests Khushbeer not to tell Tejo about his fake marriage. Fathe decides to leave his hometown. Later, Fathe asks his friend to promise that he would not tell Tejo about his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Jasmine secretly enters Virk's house and fears that Fathe is in the house. 

In yesterday's episode, Angad takes Tejo to his place and introduces her to everyone. Angad tells Tejo to stay outside as she feels uncomfortable living with him in the same house. Later Rupi tells everyone that Tejo has went with Angad and says that Tejo's engagement with Angad is fake and she did it for Jasmine. Angad meets her daughter. Later Angad lashes out at her for coming from the hostel and for not listening to his words. Tejo stops Angad from scolding his daughter but he tells Tejo to stay away from his family matter. Rupi burns Jasmine's things and breaks into tears that she ruined everyone life.

Meanwhile, Jasmine comes to her parent's place where Rupi stops her from entering the house. Jasmine requests Rupi to allow her to the house. Jasmine tells everything that Fathe did and says their marriage is fake. Listening to Jasmine's words Rupi thanks god for punishing her and tells her she deserves it. 

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