Spoiler Alert Karthika Deepam Today’s Episode September 27: Hima, Sourya Demand Truth

 - Sakshi Post

In Today’s episode of Karthika Deepam, Deepa suggests Karthik tell the truth about Mounitha to Hima and Sourya. Soundarya pleads with Hima and Sourya to talk to Karthik. Later, Sourya and Hima questions about the relationship between him and Mounitha.

All the family members tries to cool down Hima and Sourya and hides the truth. When they ask about the reason behind Karthik being in jail, Deepa cooks up a story and convinces them to talk to Karthik.

In yesterday’s episode, Hima and Sourya behave rudely with Karthik. Soundarya worries about Deepa and Karthik. Meanwhile, Deepa tells Soundarya that people are talking badly about Karthik. Soundarya advises Deepa to move on with her life. Hima starts overthinking about Karthik and Mountha case. Later, Karthik gets emotional with Soundarya and tells Hima and Sourya's unusual behaviour.

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