Spoiler Alert Janaki Kalaganaledu Today’s Episode August 06: Rama Realises Jaanu Not The Culpritaki

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Angry Jnanamba asks Jaanu not to speak anymore and gives her a punishment to stay in Karkhana(a place where sweets are prepared) for three days. She later phones Rama and asks his opinion on her decision. Rama gets surprised but supports her mother in sending Janaki to Karkhana.

Govindaraju suggests Jnanamba think about Janaki before taking a decision. Meanwhile, Mallika gets elated as her wicked plan got executed successfully but shows pity on Janaki.

Meanwhile, Janaki thinks about the broken slipper and she feels sad that even Rama would misunderstand her. Rama Chandra gets confused as to why Janaki did not perform her work well. He later visits Karkhana to see Janaki.

He sends all the workers for a tea break and asks Jaanu what happened. After listening to her, he tells that he trusts Janaki did not make any mistake. Meanwhile, Jnanamba comes there and tells the workers that Jaanu will stay there for three days. Will Janaki accept the punishment given by Jnanama is to be watched in the episode.

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