Karthika Deepam Spoiler Alert Today's Episode November 26: Karthik and Deepa Begin a New Life

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In today's episode of Karthika Deepam, Deepa and her family spend some quality time together. Soundarya is overjoyed to see Deepa and Karthik together. Meanwhile, Mounitha hires an advocate to ruin Deepa's life. Mounitha and the advocate come up with an evil plan against Deepa. Hima and Sourya ask Soundarya to tell the story. Later, Deepa feels elated when Karthik gives her a surprise gift. Karthik tells Deepa that they should start a new beginning in their lives. 

In yesterday's episode, Deepa exposes Mounitha's evil plan to become pregnant, where Mounitha urges that Deepa is lying to save Karthik. Mounitha argues that Karthik is the reason for her pregnancy. Elsewhere, Deepa lashes out at Mounitha for blaming Karthik. Later, Deepa proves that Mounitha took Karthik's sample by manipulating the lab owner and got artificial insemination done with it. Mounitha is stunned by the proof Deepa showcases, making her take a step back. Mounitha warns Deepa that this is not ending well here yet, but Soundarya slaps her and says she can't do anything. Karthik shares his grief with Deepa about their relationship. Meanwhile, Karthik's family celebrates their win over Mounitha.

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