Bigg Boss 15: Shamita Shetty Cries During Weekend Ka Vaar

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The drama was in full force during the Weekend ka Vaar episode of Bigg Boss 15. Salman took class of many and there was some laughter too. There was an instance where Shamita Shetty is seen crying in the video when Rakhi Sawant imitates her in front of Salman Khan.

"Dhoondle - Search Engine ke mazedaar sawaalon se ghere hai aaj contestants," Colors TV captioned a tiny snippet from the episode. Kya de paayenge yeh janta ko jawab? (Dhoondhle. The contestants will respond to intriguing queries posed by the search engine. Will they be able to respond to questions from the audience?).

One question from the segment was “Logon ne pucha hai ki Shamita jab haath uthati hai toh woh ek expression deti hai pain ka (people have asked about Shamita’s expression when she lifts her hand)” Shamita then tries to answer the question and Rakhi cuts her off, responding to the question herself. “Bartan dhone pe aah (she goes ‘aahh’ while washing utensils),” Rakhi says.

Shamita does not like what she said and says, “I don't appreciate Rakhi making fun of it.” Salman tries to reason, saying it was just a joke, but hurt Shamita leaves the room and goes to the washroom.

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