SHE Team Book 41 People for Harassing Women at Numaish in Nampally

 - Sakshi Post

The most popular Hyderabad’s annual trade fair, Numaish, also known as the Nampally exhibition, opened on January 10. Overall, 2,400 stalls have been set up, and it is a 45-day exhibition. As per recent reports, 41 people were arrested by SHE teams of the Hyderabad Police since day one of the exhibition for harassing women at the Numaish.

For the protection and security of the women and children present at the exhibition, the Commissioner of Police of Hyderabad has assigned SHE teams in mufti, which are spread all throughout the fair. Every day, at least 50,000 people attend the exhibition, and on weekends, that number rises to more than a lakh. "With the help of hidden cameras, SHE Teams arrested 41 people who were touching women improperly and making vulgar gestures and statements. The delinquents were brought before the Special Metropolitan Magistrate, who gave them prison terms ranging from 3 to 10 days, “ the officials said.

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