Pride of Telangana Award for Dr Evita Fernandez in Recognition of Services in Medicine

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The jury consisting Telangana IT Principal Jayesh Ranjan, AIG Hospitals Director GV Rao, Lakshmi Manchu and other has announced the 'Pride of Telangana 2021' award to Dr Evita Fernandez, the Chairperson of Fernandez Foundation, for her contribution to the field of medicine.

Evita is a reputed obstetrician with over three decades of experience. She is a vocal supporter of the reduction of Caesarean Sections and advocates making childbirth a natural and positive experience for all women.

Fernandez Hospital was started in 1948 by her parents, Leslie and Lourdes Fernandez, with just two beds. Under Dr. Evita's leadership, the clinic has now transformed into a foundation. In August 2018, Evita decided to convert the private corporation into a "Not for Profit" foundation. 

Dr Evita set up the Fernandez School of Nursing in 2005 and, in 2008, offered free education to tribal girls from across the country. At present, there are 326 qualified registered staff nurses from various states who are successful in their careers and are supporting their families.

In order to take care and delivery for low-risk pregnant women, Dr. Evia launched an initiative with the PROMISE (Professional Midwifery Services) Campaign in 2011. She also launched a two-year Professional Midwifery Education and Training (PMET) Programme. 

Besides this, Evita works with the Ministry of Health & UNICEF to increase normal births and train nurses and doctors in public hospitals.

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